Flat pack fittings for opticians

Where did the idea for Optikit come from?

By observing the market which is being shaken up due to:

  • Opticians needs to regularly change their stores
  • The increasing cost of interior fittings
  • E-commerce progress

Optikit is an entirely innovative response to progress in the market for optical store fittings.

For who OptiKit is for?

Optikit is essentially designed for independent opticians who are looking for functional and individual fittings at a better price.

OPTIKIT is a unique, original, practical, quick, changeable, customizable solution for these opticians.

OPTIKIT fittings for optical stores, it's :

Flat pack fittings

specially designed to be easy to build and allowing real design freedom

Two ranges : Key Kit and Kali Kit

two different designs with different colour and material options allowing you to create the shop that you want

Functional and ergonomically designed fittings

designed to enable you to make big changes to your layout


a fitted design and quality manufacturing resulting from professionals' experiences


resulting from rational and inventive work allowing you to optimise your investment

OPTIKIT flat pack fittings advantages

It's quick

Our two standard ranges are in stock and your order is easily fulfilled

It's delivered directly to you

In boxes ready to be built

It's easy to put up yourself

All you need is a few basic tools and our building instructions

It's practical

Our fittings are interchangeable. You choose how to put them up and how to change them

It's functional and ergonomically designed

Our two ranges are available in different colours, materials and appearances.

It's economical

Optikit flat pack fittings make the most of your investment